The Relationship Guide

Proper Communication Builds Better Relationships


People communicate in any way all the time. This can be verbal or non-verbal. Communication can be through words, volume, tone, voice reflection, posture, facial expression, hand movement, proximity and still many more. With the constant communication, sending and receiving messages may not always be easy and simple. Sending messages may be hard at times that you can't communicate well with others. In addition, the receiver of the message may not also receive it correctly.


Communication is very important in building relationships, be it around the family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and the people around you. In this article, you will learn some tips that will help you communicate well and build a stronger relationships with other people.


When communicating like saying happy birthday mom, it is very important to consider the context. Basically, this is the place and time of the message exchange. The physical context can be at home, restaurant or office. Take note that the environment where the communication can take place affects how the message is sent and received. It is best when the place is quiet so there is no hindrance to send and receive message correctly. This will also allow for more focus to the topic.


The time to communicate is also essential. Of course, you can't expect an angry person to receive your message well. You need to make sure that the person you are talking to is not under stress. Remember that having a good communication can make a healthy relationship.


Whether you are the sender or the receiver of the message, it is essential for you to pay attention to what you are saying or what is being said to you. Misunderstanding often occurs when one party does not send and receive the message correctly. Each of you has a role to play and you must be able to perform it well. Communication doesn't only mean talking verbally, but can also be through non-verbal cues. Pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal signals.


When you are the one sending the message, be sure to be consistent. That is, don't say something while your doing a gesture the other way around. Of course, both should agree together so you will be understood.


When you are the receiver of the message, make sure to give your undivided attention to the one who is talking so you will get what he is saying. Remember that both participants influence a good communication. Know the best questions to ask a girl here!